Tips for Approving Credit Cards

Need a Credit Card and heard around that approval is not easy? See ways to improve this situation. Stay tuned, that in today’s post we will show you tips for having an approved Credit Card!

Many people have already been denied their credit card application. Has it ever happened to you? Then comes the question: “I have a clean name, but I can’t get a card!” That’s because the bank does a credit review before approving your order.

As you may know or at least imagine, credit analysis works as a tool that measures the trust the bank has for the customer. Thus, information such as income, financial history and credit score is taken into account.


Credit card approved on time?

Credit card approved on time?

Need a card as soon as possible? Sometimes the time between request and approval may take a few days. Therefore, some people resort to Credit Card with immediate approval.

Most of these cards are without consultation with SPC and Kerasa, which are credit protection agencies. Or still do not require proof of income. It can be an outlet for those who are negative.


More easily

credit cards

Ways to apply for a card are easier. Today, without leaving home, you can apply for a Credit Card over the internet. In this post, we will leave some suggestions. Just make the request, fill out the form and wait for the bank review. In some cases, the institution may request more documents or proofs from the client.

So come on! Read carefully and take advantage of our tips before applying for your credit card.


Tips for Approving Credit Cards

Approving Credit Cards

Choose card according to your profile

Main step to have an approved credit card. Card selection is very important as you must take into account the fees and especially the minimum income required. There is no use if you choose a card with higher income than your salary.

If you don’t work, for example, you can try applying for a credit card without having to prove your income. You have a few options here, such as online store cards and the Prepaid card.


Name cleared

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Its name is the beginning of the assessment of institutions. If you have a backlog, it is best to negotiate your debts or if you can get rid of them at once. Applying for a credit card with a dirty name distrusts the bank. It’s like borrowing money from a friend, in this case the bank. Therefore, he must trust you.


Beware of history

If your financial history is not the best, there may be a problem with not getting a card, even with a clean name. If you have ever been late or have been negated, you may have these problems again, as lenders think. If your track record is not the best, passing bills to your name is a good way because it shows that you are a good payer and have a credit turnover. But be careful not to delay further.




Reporting your data correctly is paramount to a good relationship with banks. Never lie or omit data. And don’t forget to update your credit protection website registration, this is very important! If you change your address, always inform the bank. Also remember to keep your proof of income up to date. This helps to improve your limit, for example.


Positive Registration

Being a positive sign-up can increase your score quickly if you maintain discipline and focus on getting out of the red. All accounts paid off are attached to this record.


See CPF and score

credit score

Did you know that you can get your score yourself online without paying anything for it? Knowing your CPF score is the first step in organizing your financial life and getting the dreamed Credit Card Approved.

Find out now your credit score!