Loaning cars at bank – simple, fast and discreet – Car loans

Lend your own car and receive cash for it? This is possible if consumers use the service of a reputable car pawnbroker. This is increasingly becoming a serious alternative to traditional bank installment loans. Those increasingly deny their customers credit applications, which can be fatal if the cost of living increases and wages do not increase to the same extent.

Loaning your own car can also be worthwhile if banks would actually make a commitment. A car pawn shop is an ideal way to secure short-term liquidity with a 3-month instant loan and to bridge financial bottlenecks. In Good Credit find your reliable partner for mortgaging of automotive.

Where can I lend my car?

Where can I lend my car?

You can lend your car to Good Credit in a total of six different locations. Although they are not distributed across the whole of Germany, they are concentrated in the greater Bavaria, Hesse, and Rhineland-Palatinate. These are the following Good Credit locations where you can loan your car:

  • Mainz (Rhineland-Palatinate)
  • Wiesbaden (Hesse)
  • Darmstadt (Hesse)
  • Frankfurt am Main (Hesse)
  • Munich Bavaria)
  • Rosenheim (Bavaria)

Do you live in another region of Germany? You are welcome to contact us. Together we will see if your car rental can be realized.

What do I have to do to loan my car?

What do I have to do to loan my car?

We know that if you want to loan your car, this should usually be done as quickly as possible. Therefore, we take great care to make the entire process unbureaucratic. In the first step, you can contact us by phone or fax and provide us with the data about your car that is necessary to calculate the vehicle deposit value. These are the following:

  • model
  • Initial admission
  • mileage
  • Condition of the car
  • Extras

On the basis of the calculated deposit value, we determine the amount of your deposit loan, which you can accept or refuse without stating a reason.

How do I complete the car rental?

If you agree with our offer and would like to lend your car to Good Credit, make an appointment with us. In addition to the car, we of course also need some documents and utensils relating to your vehicle. Please bring the following things with you:

  • Vehicle registration
  • Motor vehicle certificate
  • Abmeldebescheinigung
  • key
  • Documents that influence car value (repair documents, checkbook, etc.)

Please note that the car must be your property and you must be registered in the vehicle registration document. If not, the owner’s authorization is required. You just show your ID card, sign the mortgage loan agreement and you will receive your instant loan as cash.

How long can I loan my car?

How long can I loan my car?

At Good Credit, you can loan your car for three months. This is our regular term of the instant loan, but you can modify it according to your personal preferences. Overall, you have a choice of three options :

  • Regular term (3 months)
  • The extension (maximum 3 months)
  • Early release of the car

If you unexpectedly receive a large sum of money, you can, of course, trigger your car early at any time. Call us to pick up your car the following day. However, if you would like to extend the pledge, please pay all the costs accrued up to this point. Then an extension of up to three months is possible.

Is my data safe when I want to loan my car?

If you loan your car at Good Credit, you benefit from the highest level of professionalism, seriousness, and discretion. So we never ask for your motivation to contact you and you don’t have to reveal details about your income situation. You can also trust that we never cooperate with Credit Bureau.

It doesn’t matter to us whether you have a good credit rating or a bad Credit Bureau score. Basically, only the amount of the car deposit value decides how high your instant loan will be. Your data is completely secure if you lend your car to us.

What are the costs if I loan my car?

Good Credit offers you first-class and fair service. So that this can continue to be the case in the future, your mortgage loan is of course not free. When you loan your car, you can expect the following three pillars of our cost structure :

  • loan fees
  • lending rates
  • demurrage

We assure you: All items comply with the legal requirements. We calculate the fees and interest on your pledge on a monthly basis to the exact day, while the stand fee accrues daily. It is worth it since we will leave your car in an insured building. Trust your reliable partner for everything to do with car lending and mortgage your car cheaply at Good Credit – for short-term liquidity.