Credit for negative, know options

We know how hard it is to keep bills up to date . Beginning of the year for example, comes with expenses and ends up getting difficult to pay them. To try to clear the name, many people look for loans. But and credit for negative, how to get? To release credit to you, banks will review your payer profile. One such meter is the well-known Credit Score .

Basically it measures when you can honor your payments . It’s the same if you lend money to a friend. First you would consider if it will pay you soon or is it those you have to stand on to receive. Only then would you know whether to lend or not.

Most people looking to clear the name have had problems with their credit card . So be very careful when ordering one. If you need “plastic money,” check out credit cards that don’t go through consultation .

Looking for credit for negative? Get to know the 3 tips to make a card even if it is negative .

If getting a negative credit card is not easy, then imagine getting a loan. Difficult task, but not impossible. Because banks offer credit to customers who can repay debt. If you are looking to clear your name, you may have two options: the negative personal loan or the payroll loan . Before you go around looking for borrowed money, be careful not to fall for scams or trust anyone. Always look for a bank. Easy money does not exist!


Credit For Negative – Personal Loan

Credit For Negative - Personal Loan

Banking institutions offer this service to those with a dirty name . Except, interest rates are higher than normal due to the increased collateral the bank has on the customer’s payment. But be aware. The higher the number of installments, the higher the interest . But most of the time there is no escape; To clear the name the debt must be paid.

Planning is the most important at this time. Freezing spending is necessary. Delaying loan installments can “open the hole” you are in. Personal loan interest for people who are not negatives is around 5%. Research and simulate financial institutions at the rates charged for negatives.


Loan for Negative – Financial

Loan for Negative - Financial

Some financiers specialize in offering credit to negatives. Just like Credisa . In this case, the credit is released only to INSS public servants , retirees or pensioners . Credit can be released easier and even within 24 hours. But interest rates can be close to 20%.


Credit for Negative – Payroll Loan

Payroll Loan

This is one of the most efficient ways for those looking for credit and clearing the name. The loan installment amount is discounted directly from the payroll . First, it is important to make sure you have a consignable margin . That is, if your salary is compatible.

Finance companies, in some cases, accept home or expensive as collateral as well. Search for the best medium for you. Always remember to read the contract well, see the terms of payment, and refer to the Total Effective Cost (CET), which is the amount of debt along with the interest rates you will pay until the end of the loan.


Clear name and use credit card

Clear name and use credit card

It seems like an impossible thing. But it really is not! As we have already advanced in this and other blog posts, financial products are great allies, but if used with discipline. A card is a form of loan , remember this. But, it can help you in everyday shopping. As you pay off your debts and clear your name , keep track of your credit card spending. Today it allows you to track all expenses , adjust the limit to not overpay and is still a great controller because it shows every purchase detail, value and in some cases, monthly monitoring of how your financial life.

Non-annuity cards are great for those who need to keep buying at home and don’t want to spend more on it. You only pay what you spent on your invoice. But please, remember our tips on! Have you applied for a credit card and been denied ? To have a card, banks follow the same line of the loan, ie make an analysis of their consumer profile. But there are some cards with easier approval , how about knowing them here?

Here’s another tip: Lending your credit card can be very dangerous. Many people got their name dirty after lending the card to family or friends. Always be aware.